You will resect the left femoral head with a sagittal saw, prepare the acetabulum with a reamer and fit the acetabular cup and liner. Then you will focus on preparing the femur to receive the stem implant with a series of tools including a box osteotomy, femoral reamer and femoral broaches. The stem implant and prosthetic head will then be applied, the hip reduced into the acetabular cup and the patient’s leg length checked. The key learning is focused on ensuring an appropriately angled resection of the femoral head, an appropriate degree of anteversion for the acetabular cup and liner, and appropriate location of the stem implant within the femur.


You will learn how to:

  • Resect the femoral head at the correct angle for the planned implant based upon preoperative templating.
  • Ream the acetabulum with the correct degree of anteversion and to an acceptable depth.
  • Use the transverse acetabular ligament as a guide to positioning the acetabular cup correctly within the acetabulum.
  • Use a series of tools to create a correctly located channel in the femur for the implant.
  • Use an appropriate combination of accuracy and force throughout the procedure.
  • Check the reduced hip for good movement, impingement or causes of potential dislocation.
  • Check patient leg length.


You will be assessed on:

  • Femoral head resection and use of preoperative templating provided.
  • Acetabular reaming using alignment tool as a guide.
  • Acetabular cup placement using alignment tool as a guide.
  • Location of femoral channel initiation using box osteotome.
  • Femoral channel reaming.
  • Femoral broaching.
  • Use of an appropriate combination of accuracy and force throughout the procedure.